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IT Customer Service Management Skills

Customer Service Management skills for the Service Lifecycle professional

Chameleon offers the full portfolio of accredited IT Service Management training leading to all examinations in the new ITIL Qualification scheme


3 days

Course Code

Public Course Price
£825.00.00 plus VAT per delegate

Target Group
IT Managers and Supervisors, IT professionals and IT Service Operation practitioners involved with improving IT Customer Service Management in your organization.

Achieving an IT Service Management approach to the provision of quality services is based, initially, on obtaining high level commitment from all staff. This course will be develop and demonstrate a fundamental understanding of IT Customer Service Management. The implementation of a new functions and new processes can be fraught with difficulty. A lack of understanding of how the function affects individual members, customers, staff, and teams/groups can breed fear, uncertainty and doubt. This can threaten the success of such implementation.

  • To understand and develop effective Customer Service Management
  • To provide the delegate with best practice skills and knowledge
  • To equip the attendees with the core skills to manage in a CSM environment
  • To establish action plans to be owned by the delegates on which to base future recommendations for improvement
  • To make recommendations and advice on how to improve and measure IT Customer Service Management.

Though you already have ITIL Foundation in IT Service Management the only pre-requisite is your direct involvement with customers!

Course Content
To ensure that the right level of commitment is shown, the focus will be on how the implementation of a systematic approach to Customer Service Management will increase the value and efficiency of business relationships, and will derive increased competitive advantage from this approach.

  • Introduction of the IT Customer Service Management as the framework for improvement
  • Introduction and the importance of Customer Service Management to customers and staff
  • Applying and using familiar best Practice ITIL models around CSM
  • Raising the profile of the Customer Service Management within IT and the business
  • Addressing communication issues between specific teams – Service Desk, Request Fulfillment, Desktop Support, Infrastructure, and other resolver groups and management
  • To instill a feel good, personal touch back into the service
  • To enthuse the team and demonstrate the importance of the CSM as a single experience for the customer
  • How IT Customer Service Management affects the perception of the business
  • To make the training a positive experience for all CSM staff!

Session 1: IT as a Service Organisation
We’ll take a brief look at today’s current service organisation, consideration of the primary determinants used by customers to determine the level of service required and provided. To review how each individual contributes to the internal supply chain and how that will influence future success. How the IT Professional can assist IT to gain a proactive position within the organisation.

The module will review what is needed to achieve the aspiration of “Our Customers come first” specifically focussing on the internal supply chain within IT.

  • What is Customer Service?
  • Developing a true Business Partnership
  • IT as the Problem Solving Partner
  • The Golden Rules of Customer Service and others

Session 2: Transformation to a Customer Service Organisation
Marketing Service Management and Raising the Profile of CSM! Throughout the three days we will look at the future trends and expectations of customers. We will present ideas for promoting and raising the profile of your services and your staff, to customers, managers and directors. For true success marketing must be part of the fabric of the organisation; everyone has a part to play and this must be understood by individuals and encouraged by management. Ideas on how to develop a positive mental attitude, pointers for success, and working on the premise that marketing begins at home.

Session 3: Customer Communication
Customer communication explores the relationship to marketing, it suggests methods for ensuring customer satisfaction. This session will examine some of the elements involved in communicating with our customers. Every interaction whether visual or verbal, is an opportunity to ‘add value’ for your customer. Every interaction is a chance to ‘market' the IT department. We’ll look at some of the barriers to successful communication and how to reduce them. We’ll also examine how to create an awareness of your value to the organisation.

Session 4: Meeting agreed SLAs/OLAs/ Tools, Metrics and Statistics
This session will look at the value of having formal SLAs, their value in CSM, as a vital tool for both the customer and IT, as they clarify the service to be provided by both sides. We will also help you to create simpler Service Level Agreements for your internal service suppliers - Developers, Operations, Technical Support, Support Analysts - those who play a major part in delivering your IT service to your customers! What does the customer really measure? Is it dramatically different to what we measure? Where does perception fit into measurement? What are the qualitative and quantitative issues for the customer? What do you do with this vital information? In this session we provide ways to measure customers and their Vital Business Functions (VBF).

Session 5: People Management not just ITIL process!
Covers the role of leadership, teams building, motivation, by working with and through others, ‘cameos’ in effective use of resources, delegation and managing people. To enable staff to:

  • Recognise their roles as leaders in teams.
  • Be able to build and maintain a good team spirit.
  • Value individuals and plan their development.
  • Recognise the need for flexibility in management.
  • Appropriate motivational styles.
  • How to analyse and change negative behaviour in people.
  • Be able to set standards of performance and behaviour.
  • Maintain discipline and deal with difficult individuals.
  • When and how to use delegation and when to use empowerment.

Session 6: Building a Service Team – “People really Matter”
The role of the individuals and team with common goals and values and to enable attendees to act in a manner that supports the statement “We value our staff”!

  • Skills and competence development.
  • Supportive, stimulating and involved climate.
  • Seeking, listening to and acting upon ideas.
  • Establishing Team Values and Ethics
  • Skills and traits of successful Team Leaders.

Session 7: Dealing with Difficult Customers/Conflict Situations
In this session we will look at a brief introduction to the subject and the benefits and pitfalls will be presented. How being aware of the personality traits people can adopt helps to combat destructive behaviour and in relationship building win/win scenarios.

  • Understanding behaviour
  • What is a difficult customer?
  • Dealing with the difficult customer types
  • Handling and resolving difficult situations

This session examines the types of goals that the teams need to consider, and the need for speed and flexibility within these goals and targets. How to measure the success on an individual and team basis.

Session 8: Challenges, CSFS, KPIs and Risks
An insight and guidance for the challenges, critical success factors, key performance indicators and risks associated with Customer Service Management.

Session 9: The Roadmap for IT Customer Service Management - in Action!
By the close of day three, the delegates will have started to define a set of IT Customer Service Management service improvements which will require a project method to implement. Presenting their findings, the delegates will structure their implementation and improvement roadmap:

  • What is the Vision for Customer Service Management?
  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How to do we get there?
  • Did we get there?

And most importantly how do we keep it going?

Course Documentation
Chameleon will provide industry case studies, case study assignment, course documentation, and Customer Service Management quick reference guides

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